The beauty of a space lies within the smallest detail. The sensorial and physical qualities of the space hold their presence through layers of design elements, developing a spatial language that defines the place. For me, this project was about uncovering these layers of information, analyzing each site through the lens of a designer, following choices and compromises that are made in order to provide a context to each place.

This project was an important transitional moment for my design practice. Analyzing five different sites with a wide range of spatial qualities was not an easy task. Each place had its own history and design elements that are quite different from one another but equally important in shaping the context of the site. Starting from the abundance of information, I focused on a few characteristics that give each place a distinctive identity: history, visual elements, circulation, lighting, and soundscape. These characteristics then guided me to start making comparisons between the sites that have similar or quite different atmosphere shaped by common design elements.

After the analysis, a communication follows. The task was not to just analyze but to communicate what I learned through a visual diagram, which requires the process of simplification with coherence and clarity. In creating the diagrams, I challenged myself and my way of approaching design by limiting the tools to only lines. I wanted to get to the very essence of the spatial quality of the place and visually communicate it by only using simple lines and differing line weights. The minimalist aesthetic of my diagrams almost makes them appear like signages.

This restriction helped me in finding the hierarchy within the information I analyzed and get to the core of the statement that I wanted to make through my diagrams. This approach was definitely a challenge to me, as I am more accustomed to communicating my ideas through a method of collage and complex layers of information. However, through such process, I was able to discover a new visual language and solution to my design.

Hand drawing
Interior architecture, Sophomore intro studio, Spring 2018

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