​​​​​​​Through this project, I explored my perspective on the futuristic possibilities of architectural form and structure, specifically focusing on the biomimetics architecture. Although the definition of modern architecture is still debatable, I believe the future direction of architecture is moving towards making architecture self-sustainable by mimicking biological system of living organisms. The structural rationalism of modern architecture leads to a direct link between design and engineering, and I believe this link can be stretched to the science of biology and genetics. 

I wanted to study this possibility of biomimicry within a limited geometry of the steel beam rectangular structure. By linking support system of architectural columns to our bone structures, I showed how the mathematical and scientific patterns existing in our bone structures can be applied to architecture. The free-flowing forms and patterns displayed through the monofilaments and foam panels are contrasted with the rigidity of rectangular steel beams. Moreover, the language of transparency within monofilaments provided me an opportunity to explore the relationship between light, shadow, and reflection. And the usage of monofilament provided me with a flexibility in exploring the joints and connections between different forms and patterns.

90" x 24" x 24", Steel Beams, monofilaments, foam board
Process Models:
Steel Beams, monofilaments, foam board

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