This project is a collection of abstract drawings and paintings that play with light, color, and shapes. Through the use of different mediums, style, and compositions, all of the artworks combine into a series exploring a game of reality and abstraction. The series can be summarized with three key words - chaos, precision, and order.
1. Boxing Gloves (2022)
    150cm * 90 cm, Gouache on canvas

Abstract painting that started with a theme of coloring emotions using non-conventional painting tools, including boxing gloves, ropes, ice-hockey sticks, and cooking utensils.

2. Present (2022)
    53 * 46 cm, Acrylic on canvas

"What then is time? We measure time. But how can we measure what does not exist? The past is no longer, the future is not yet. And what of the present? The present has not died away. Thus when I measure time, I measure impressions, modifications of consciousness ... enigma of time fuse" (Confessions of St. Augustine, AD 398).

3. ANS, Autonomic nervous system (2022)
    30 * 21 cm, Watercolor drawing

An artistic exploration of how we visually perceive light and colors using neural connections and cellular communications within the autonomic nervous system

4. Two eyes, one nose, one mouth (2022)
    25 * 25 cm, Marker drawing on wood

Can we decompose a face into an abstract composition made of basic forms and patterns? Can it then still be a face or is it something else entirely?

15 cm * 11 cm, watercolor and ink drawings
"Two eyes, one nose, one mouth" postcard series

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