CITY + DATA​​​​​​​
What constitutes a city? A city unites all of us through shared experiences. Depending on socio-economic divisions, however, the same city can be a very different place for different individuals. Our project, 'Bubbler,' questions the meaning of the city by reflecting on our own bubbles as students within Brown University and/or Rhode Island School of Design. 

We selected over 40 locations in Providence that we consider as our physical boundaries, or bubbles, by conducting surveys from Brown and RISD students. We then took 360 panoramic view photographs for each location to visualize and comprehend our bubbles. Along with this, we collected eight different soil samples from eight different districts and studied how each place differs in micro level by looking at bacteria. 

During the exhibition, we had an interactive panel where people can participate in sharing their experiences and strengthening connectivity of our bubbles by answering the question: 'What does Providence mean to you?' 

Exhibited in RISD Design Center 1st Floor
31 Canal St, Providence RI 02903

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