"Inspired by the construction materials and the presence of light at Casa Sasso, our collective crafted a narrative based on historical and philosophical research, script-writing, drawing, and filming. 'Agon' portrays a dramatic conflict in the life of an architect unable to adapt, who experiences an oneiric mythical encounter that helps him to transcend his tragic isolation. At Casa Sasso, he conceals himself from the world in harmony, resignifying what is understood by catharsis."

"Agon" Trailer for the short film
Artefacto Collective: A creative collective comprised of Yunni Cho and Bernardo Sandoval.
Our collective aspires to integrate technology and tradition through the intersection of artifacts and space. Based on an interdisciplinary process we aim to craft narratives that resonate deeply within our contemporaneity. By bringing ancient knowledge to our current technical development, we pursue a kind of innovation that transcends mere tools, where vernacular techniques provide reasonable solutions. Each project, while unique in its essence, stems from a shared commitment to collaboration and exploration. We endeavor to visualize the unseen, expand our perceptions, and cultivate a community that honors both the habit and the habit/at.
Collective Residency (2023)
Film production and Research
Casa Sasso Residency
6575 San Nazzaro, Switzerland

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