Situated in an abstract archaeological site - where artifacts emerge from what seem to be the remains of a former home - HABITAT showcases seven ceramic and glass collections of objects designed by the members of the BARBOTINE* collective.

The doorway and fireplace reference domesticity. The fireplace serves its usual purpose, while simultaneously doubling as an ode to the ceramic firing process.

HABITAT embraces imperfection and individuality within the creative process and challenges the standardization of mass production. Responding to individual habits and rituals, the objects bring domestic privacy into public display. 

*Barbotine - also known as "slip" in English - is a liquefied suspension of clay particles in water. It is mainly used as a glue to join clay together during production so it naturally became a symbol of our dialogue and collaboration.
BAUHAUS ON FIRE (July 7th – July 17th 2019)
Christopher Schanck + Peter Beaugard + CMoG (Corning Museum of Glass)

Summer Workshops 2019 - MAKING HISTORY
VIDEO 1: HABITAT exhibition from Domaine De Boisbuchet
VIDEO 2: Process of Making
PHOTOS: Final Works for the Exhibition
Brochure Design: "Barbotine Collective"
Domaine de Boisbuchet
16500 Lessac, France

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