The New Normal
Augmented Reality App
Graduating at a time of unprecedented circumstances, the Interior Architecture Class of 2020 embraces a paradigm shift to the virtual dimension. Faced with the challenge of designing an exhibition without a space, the seniors adapt an augmented reality application for the Senior Show. The RISD Museum Grand Gallery, the place of European grand masters, is transformed into an exhibition of the Interior Architecture seniors. 

The seniors’ full-scale Human Factors artifacts occupy the central space of the museum’s iconic portrait gallery, and ten classical paintings host ten new adaptive reuse projects in augmented reality. “The New Normal” investigates the potential of space-making when movement is not possible, adapts and rethinks architectural language in altered design conditions. Importantly, it is an invitation to congregate in new ways, to celebrate the culmination of our time together as a class no matter where we are.

User Instructions:
1. Download the INTAR 2020 app onto your device. (iOS version / Android version)
2. Pick a room to experience the app (the larger the better - we recommend your living room).
3. Open the app on your device.
4. Bend down and tap the floor to align the entrance portal to the ground plane. Then, walk into the portal to our virtual gallery.
5. Navigate around the space. You will notice large, rotating objects in the center of the room - these are full-scale artifacts of our Human Factors projects.
6. You will see 10 large portals, similar to the one you entered through. Feel free to step inside each one. A gallery tag beside the portal will let you know the artist.
7. Take a look at the paintings along the wall. At first glance, they appear to be classical paintings, but on closer inspection you may notice that some of them have been replaced with our renderings.

* Safety note: Please be cautious while walking around and be aware of any furniture or large objects in your space.
Application: Project overview
Graphic Design: Logo and Posters
* Visit the website for more information: The New Normal | INTAR 2020

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